Introducing D7 BDAS+

Decon7 Systems has developed a ruggedized ready-to-use (RTU) hand-held multi-part application system for its intelligent chemistry.

The D7 BDAS+ (Biological Decontaminant Accelerated Spray), is rapidly and easily deployable in crisis situations.  Rugged in design and materials, tested in extreme environments, the D7 BDAS+ is a breakthrough product that will significantly enhance the safety of military and first responder personnel from a variety of threats.

The D7 ‘Mil Spec’ DF-200 chemistry is used in military theaters worldwide Now available in a Ready-To-Use unit, the BDAS+ is ergonomic lightweight, portable and is rapidly deployable for use in the field.



  • Ready-to-use (RTU) simply aim and squeeze the trigger
  • Lightweight rugged design
  • Portable and rapidly deployable
  • Broad-spectrum Biocidal, Disinfectant, Bactericidal.
  • Uses proven, field tested DF-200 Chemistry.
  • D7 DF-200 is EPA-registered.