Decon7 and its effectiveness on EBOLA

The Decon7 DF200 formula was originally developed as a formula to destroy chemical and biological agents. The research was performed at Sandia National Laboratories, under a contract from the US Department of Defense. The primary target of the biological decontamination properties was to destroy anthrax, as well as all other microorganisms, which might be used as weapons of mass destruction.

Before understanding how Decon7 works against Ebola, we must first understand what this virus is. Ebola is an enveloped, linear non-segmented, negative-sense, single-stranded RNA virus.

Decon7 DF200 disrupts this type of virus by several mechanisms:.

  1. It disrupts the membrane that encapsulates the virus, allowing the decontamination chemicals to get inside the virus and interrupt its replication process; and
  2. It changes the osmotic pressure of the virus, causing an imbalance in the internal pressure of the pathogen, resulting in its total structural collapse and destruction.

As a virucide, Decon7 DF200 will completely destroy viruses and every other microorganism present. This decontaminating agent can be applied as a fog (atomized mist), foam or spray. The exact application procedures will vary depending on the specific circumstances.

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