Reducing Carcinogen Exposures for Firefighters

Exposure to carcinogens on the fireground presents major health risks to
firefighters, even after the fire is out. 

Carcinogens have become increasingly dangerous over the years due to the burning of plastics and other synthetic substances. If those hazardous chemicals are left on the firefighter’s turnout gear, they can increase the risk of cancer for the firefighters and even those around them.

Emergency DECON Services (EDS) co-founders Rich Gross and Tom Riedel know the dangers of firefighting—both immediate and long-term—and were inspired to create a company to combat the cancer problem in the firefighter profession.

After careful research, EDS selected the Decon7 product line for their decontamination services due to D7’s quick and effective ability to neutralize harmful chemicals, thus reducing health risks for firefighters.

Read more about how EDS was able to leverage the power and versatility of D7 to minimize toxic exposures and promote a safe and healthy work environment across a range of industries.

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