Police, Fire & First Responders

It’s a dangerous world.

In the line of duty, you face new risks every day. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous hazards are also those most difficult to detect. Blood-borne pathogens, bodily fluids, bacteria, viruses, and narcotics pose a serious threat to first responders.

Decon7 Systems’ ready-to-use BDAS+ units offer first responders a quick and easy solution against a broad spectrum of chemical and biological threats.

Benefits include:

  • Broad spectrum efficacy to ensure protection against unknown contaminants
  • Safe and environmentally friendly EPA registered formula
  • Easy to use, requires minimal training
  • Rapidly deployable in critical situations

The powerful, proven D7 formula is used by ​teams such as ​the FBI​ THRU​,​ ​Secret Service​, Special Forces, and the National Guard CSTs. Originally developed by Sandia National Laboratories to neutralize chemical and biological weapons, D7 was a key component for successful decontamination of the Hart Senate Building and US Post Office in Washington, DC and NBC Studios in New York City following the 9/11 anthrax attacks.

Mark Tucker Ph. D., co-creator of the original decontamination foam, and lead chemical engineer at Sandia National Laboratories stated “it renders all types of typical chemical and biological agents harmless.”

To learn more about how the D7 ‘Mil Spec’ DF-200 intelligent chemistry can help keep you safe in the field,  use the Contact Us form below for more information from one of our CBRN defense specialists.